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We need a cheap all electric car as a second car for short trips to the grocery store and running errands around town. I see there a a few entries coming our way. With new er technology in supercapacitors – batteries. They are cheaper and cleaner to manufacture and they are biodegradable. can can even put them in your compost pile. How cool is that?

Environmentally friendly cars are supposed to be the vehicles of future generations. Nevertheless such cars exist now and are becoming more popular in the modern car market than conventional vehicles which work on fossil fuels. The advantages of such cars are not only in their lower harmfulness for the environment and people’s health but also in the lower fuel costs. However their production is rather expensive, so it is a moot point both for the customers and the automobile manufacturers. So they are more expensive to buy but they pay for themselves in a period of about 5 years because they consume less expensive fuels.
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Many eco friendly cars at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

Car manufacturers want consumers to be aware of the many varieties of green cars and have a range at the auto show says Bruce Belzowski from University of Mi…

Environmentally friendly cars are becoming more common these days. I drive a Honda Insite and i must say i get a lot more mileage than they listed. I got 53 MPG going to New Your City. I was not pushing it trying to stay between 55 and 65 MPH. that was the most I’ve ever gotten.
There is one thing i do not like about Hybrid cars is they have a much higher amount of Emfs Electromagnetic Field. All cars have it because of the spinning wheels and the wind creating a Electromagnetic field. I think it makes me way more tired on long trips. I wish i had a Field meter to test the  car. They cost over a hundred dollars so i won’t be getting one soon.
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Top 10 ‘green’ cars in America, http://t.co/aOzbUCNrxq many of which are out performed by my 2003 Punto…

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the solar powered car

Many eco friendly cars at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

Car manufacturers want consumers to be aware of the many varieties of green cars and have a range at the auto show says Bruce Belzowski from University of Mi…


Top 10 Environmentally Friendly #Cars – Fox Business http://t.co/0RiWFRWTVh

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Hybrid cars may not always be so eco-friendly – Golden Gate Xpress

http://news.google.comSun, 21 Apr 2013 15:16:01 GMT

Economic TimesHybrid cars may not always be so eco-friendlyGolden Gate XpressUnfortunately, hybrid electric vehicle owners aren’t asking questions regarding the true impact their car has on the environment. Many people don’t realize that hybrids can …

Hybrid cars are not that clean, the batteries are highly toxic and cost way too much to replace. Supercapacitors will come to the rescue in the next few years. Good bye Arab oil.


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Solar cars are becoming a reality. With all the competition in solar car races these days you would expect more progress but it’s a slow go because solar power is still in it’s infancy. Electric cars are doing well with many new all electric plug in cars coming to the market in 2013. I an seriously thing about a small electric cars for all our local shopping and chores. I have a Honda Insite and I got 53 miles per gallon going to a wedding in New Your City this year. OK I admit I’m a a hyper miler when I’m not in a hurry to get where I’m going. No matter how many electric cars are sold it’s still going to take at least a decade to see any real drop in imported oil.

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Solar Cars by Murtaza Khan

My ITS 102 project for Spring 2011.



Solar Energy USA, a national design and installation firm located in Alpharetta, Georgia, is pleased to announce an exciting electric car event. ‘Revenge of the Electric Car‘ is a 2011 feature documentary film which chronicles

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Solar Cars Everywhere: They’ll Be Here in Just Two Years


When will you see solar cars on the road? This company has a car available you can drive for free, forever, on pure sunlight. Soon they’ll be everywhere.

That’s a nice thought but the reality is twenty years because we are driving solar powered cars. I wish it would be sooner to slow down global warming, but I hate to say it but it too late we already went over the edge of no return to repair the damage done with all our polution.

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World’s Fastest Solar Car

UNSW’s Sunswift team has broken a long-standing land speed record for solar vehicles, with a Guinness-verified top speed of 88 km/h. Project manager Daniel Friedman takes us through the record attempt, which involved a team of UNSW students across se…

Richmond-built solar car ‘Impulse’ gets ready for Formula Sun Grand Prix – Richmond Confidential


Richmond ConfidentialRichmond-built solar car ‘Impulse’ gets ready for Formula Sun Grand PrixRichmond ConfidentialMeet Impulse, a solar-powered car that is the product of nearly two years of work by CalSol, a group of engineering students at UC Berke …

Solar cars won’t get popular until we make big improvement in solar cells, the most we can hope for is semi solar cars that will get some of it’s energy from the sun.

Thanks, Rolf

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Wahj of Seraaj Solar Car Team and Professor day before Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011.wmv

Interview with Seraaj Solar Car Team and Professor about their solar car Wahj (meaning “glow”) the day before Veolia World Solar Challenge 2011. Wahj is the first solar vehicle built in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), and in Saudi Arabia as a whole. The team had learned a great deal from this first experience. We have also learned, from this interview, that the King Fahd University has emphasis and programs targeting Clean Energy and Clean Water and will continue to further development in these areas. This footage was filmed by Michael Nunamaker and interviewed and uploaded (made available) by Susan Sun Nunamaker of Sun Is The Future at sunisthefuture.net Any questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions are welcomed via sunisthefuture@gmail.com Let’s work together in speeding up the process of transitioning into the renewable and solar energy. Please visit http for more on solar energy.
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Solar Car

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Solar powered cars may not be different recommendations however shifting systems together with background within the suggestion is certainly. Solar ability can be utilised meant for electrical power in a good many details

  This is informative because it gives you a brief history of how they put together the solar car


Students build a car that runs on solar power
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Solar-Powered Battery Trickle Chargers, Power of the Sun!

Keep charged with the power of the sun! Solar power is clean, abundant and worry-free. And now, with 25% more power, these solar chargers are offered in 150mA, 500mA and 1.5A versions a step up in power from the previous 135mA, 400mA and 1.2A models. They’ll eliminate dead batteries on your boat, car, RV, ATV or any occasionally used vehicle. Panels power-up when exposed to daylight, all are fully functional in cloudy conditions, and they protect against natural battery discharge and electronic drain. The SE-150 and SE-500 provide immediate trickle-charging. The SE-1500 will replenish the daily power consumption from your 12V lighting systems and appliances, extending battery life. A charge controller is not required for the two smaller panels, but the SE-1500 requires the CC-10000 charge controller to prevent overcharging. Mounting the panels is easy. The SE-150 includes suction cup mounts for window mounting. Mount the SE-500 using the optional SolarGrip, which is designed for this panel. The Solar Grip rotates 360° to maximize solar power and also includes a pole/rail mount and deck clamp so you don’t have to drill holes in your roof or deck. The SE-1500 includes rubberized mounts to prevent scratches on your deck.
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PowerFilm USB AA Solar Panel Charger www.amazon.com Brunton 26 Watt Foldable Solar Array www.amazon.com Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger (new) www.amazon.com Wagan 2017 Solar Car Battery Charger www.amazon.com Sunforce 22005 12-Volt MotoMaster Eliminator Folding Solar Panel www.amazon.com New 6V,410mA Portable Travelling Solar Charger for Cell Phone w/ USB charging cable,GPS,DC,MP3/4 (Power Bank Not Included) www.amazon.com Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit www.amazon.com Xantrex Technologies 852-2071 Xpower AC/DC Powerpack Solar With 400 Watt Inverter, Two AC Outlets, USB Port, And Digital Display www.amazon.com Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller www.amazon.com ReVIVE Series Back-Up Rechargeable POWER Boost for ALL BlackBerry’s, Kindle 2 & Kindle DX – Refuel 3 Ways AC, USB and SOLAR www.amazon.com
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2011 Solar Car Race Finals

2011 Solar Car Race Finals
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world solar car racing in darwin…
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Randolph College Solar Car Race 2011

Green Engineering Design class competition

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Solar powered electric car

SunMotor Group unveils a solar powered electric car.

electric bike Adelaide perm132 etek hub motor car drag fast EV vehicle perm 132 optima alltrax peak oil grant higginson lifebatt global warming electric car electric bicycles electric motor hybrid electric vehicle DC motor cool bike grant higginson
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Solar Powered R/C car

This is my battery powered rc car to only run on solar energy. This is more a proof of concept.
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10 hp engine dc www.brothers-group-eng.com how to build solar car, solar bicycle, wind turbine, solar panel, solar cooker, solar heater DVD or by use our password access- online made in palestine bethlehem

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MIT team unveils new solar car

MITs Solar Electric Vehicle Team, the oldest such student team in the country, unveiled its latest high-tech car on Friday, Feb. 27 in Lobby 13. The new vehicle, Eleanor, is equipped with wireless links so lead and chase vehicles will be able to monitor every aspect of the cars electrical performance in real time. Its batteries have enough energy, when fully charged, to get the car from Boston to New York City without need of sunlight. Read more about it here: web.mit.edu
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Solar cars race across Australia
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